Babysitting + Race Change?

Date: 6/19/2019

By Onii

I had a dream that I was babysitting for a family and it was Halloween night. I guess I was like an in-home maid. For some reason, the parents were having a disagreement about whether or not their son could go trick or treating——they looked suspiciously like my own, but it’s unrelated. They ended up going to take him to a movie instead, but the boy ended up being upset over the lack of festivities. So they allowed him to go trick or treating with three other kids in the neighborhood and have a sleep over back at his house. I left them to play in the tv room while I went to the kitchen to make some snacks. I hear crying and what sounds like a mans voice from the other room. I go in scared to find that one of the kids—a little girl—is crying while her dad—who is on the phone—tries to calm her down. I don’t really remember all of what was being said, but basically the girl’s mom had up and abandoned her to go back to drugs and was trying to exploit the girl to get money from the dad. The dad and I hit it off, and I comforted his daughter so that the other kids wouldn’t feel bad anymore. It fast forwards like a year or two and the dad and I got married and had a son. The little girl was a lot happier and adored her baby brother. But I was a white woman? Like I knew it was still me, but now I looked like a Cameron Diaz type? I don’t know what that means, but it ended up being a cute cinematic dream.