Fire girl

Date: 6/11/2017

By wanda1316

I was atop a waterfall wearing a flowing light blue dress. Other people were telling me I had to jump. It was because I had fire powers. I threw off my eyeglasses and dramatically lifted my arms horizontal and threw myself face first off the waterfall. I spiraled to my death. However, several pairs of arms from behind the waterfall reached out and grabbed me at the last minute and pulled me into a secret cave behind the waterfall. These people told me it was time to wage war against the people who tried to kill all of us. We all walked across a plateau and came to a gate. They said my fire powers would not work anymore, but I tried anyway. I put my hands on the gate and focused. After a lot of effort, fire came from my hands and burned down the gate so we could pass. Everyone else rediscovered their powers as well. One could cause tornadoes, another could create lightening bolts. The boy who could create lightening was my crush. We continued on with me leading. When we found the people we were destined to fight, war started. It was chaos. There was fire, tornadoes, and lightening. I was particularly trying to kill these two boys. But I couldn't grab them because they were too quick. When I finally focused that I needed to grab one, I grabbed his hair and pulled him down. I beat him down and down again. Then I set him on fire. After I did I looked up and saw someone starring at me, looking wise. Then I finally looked around and realized that I had started a fire, and there was no water to put it out. Fire encircled all of us. I was so angry I didn't even realize that I might need to restrain my powers. I could hear the fire crackling and smoke was making it more difficult to breathe. Everyone else kept fighting.