Dreaming of a recent ex

Date: 1/24/2019

By sharmane

This morning I woke up feeling a little scared. I had two dreams. The first one was a blind date at the movies with a stranger that I had no attraction to and I just wanted it to end. The second one my parents went to dinner with my ex Matt and I couldn't make it for some reasons. When I got there my parents had left and I hated the sight of him but all he did was smile and tell me how happy he is and how well the dinner went . He made me go to a hotel with him and we went up to a room. When we went inside, his sister and her friends were there and I felt even more uncomfortable. He sat on the bed and put his hand out for me to grab it and I just stood there. His sister said "don't be shy" and lifted me up and set me next to him. I was sitting on someone's boxers so I moved further from him and then they mentioned something about bedbugs so I really wanted off that bed.