Pests in my room

Date: 8/20/2019

By dizzzy

I saw two small bodies running around my room. I kept trying to catch them and I ran into my sisters room and said, “Come here, quick! Use the flashlights on your phones. There’s something in my room!” They just kinda sat there as I frantically ran back into my room. I managed to corner them and caught a glimpse of what they were: a white hamster and a small brown mouse. I guess I had a fork in my hand and I kept stabbing them with it, trying to kill them, but they wouldn’t die. I remember feeling like I was fed up with them. I grabbed them and threw them outside, where they got attacked by birds and other animals but still didn’t die. They burrowed and made nests and made my yard their home. They kept asking me for food but I just walked away.