Blew Up on My Family

Date: 9/24/2019

By randybobandy

I was on the highway, but I was driving my last car instead of my current one. The muffler or some other underside component of the car in front of me fell off. The car started to pull over but for some reason I also pulled over and wanted to help. Eventually there was some huge traffic disaster and a lot of people were pulled over and nobody was able to get out or go anywhere. I was frustrated and walking around the area. I eventually came to a backyard where my entire family was gathered. I am not in contact with my dad anymore and he was there. His presence alone frustrated me further and made me upset and on edge. My mom and grandma were there and they are good presences but I was too frustrated. I just kept saying "I want to go home." My grandma got confused. "You want to go home? I thought you wanted to move out for so long, you seemed so sure about it. Why would you want to go back home?" she asked, thinking that I was saying I wanted to move back with my dad, but I really meant I just wanted to go back to my apartment. This put me over the edge. I started yelling at everyone telling them they were all awful people and that I didn't want any of them in my life. I said "I hate you all, fuck family," and stormed off.