paris & old friends

Date: 1/2/2020

By rembrandt

had a dream i was back in paris with a class and some people from my middle school. it began in a car, i think alexis was there. we were driving from the countryside to paris. i was excited. then we stopped somewhere to eat once we got in the city. i helped some underclassmen find their way around paris, told one girl how to get to monoprix. a french lady was talking to me and i translated for the american girl. i also met some boy and got his instagram, he posted a picture of me, apparently was in love with me. i remember going to some store with alexis to buy something, everything was on sale. one item was even free, i saw the price said $0.00 when i was with all my middle school friends we were talking about the old days, diego asked when i liked seanie i said 7th/8th grade. felt good to say it out loud. everyone else was admitting who they had a crush on. another point we were having class in a building and it literally fell over while we were on turn top floor. it fell like very slowly though and sideways, like elastic and we were able to just get out safely and step down on the sidewalk. but then class was cancelled. some other incident happened earlier where our class was affected by some external problem, can’t remember what it was. eventually seanie showed up, i think i saw him walking on the street after i was talking to diego. at one point we went off to an art gallery on a date. we played some kind of game in there. i also remember having my cdg tricot bag with me throughout this trip. 👍