Burning house and escaping

Date: 7/3/2017

By amornoir

i decided to take a walk out the apartments and saw my friend gladys. Then it skipped to us being chased by a man and was taken away to a building for months. one day i was able to get some water and spill it over the main control room and all the equipment, having the building erupt in fire. We made a run for it and ran out, having the workers inside burn. We ran to a festival that was by it and just sat and took a smoothie to celebrate. We noticed that two workers were still alive as we just stared back and forth, knowing our job wasn't finished. it skipped to me being at school but it having many floors now, as i climbed to the final floor. I entered into a room that led to a long dark hallway. I turn to see another hall that was filled with guards as i quickly ran down the hall away from them. As i was running down another group was running towards the hall as i warn them to stop and turn back. i heard some shooting as some lady was now chasing us as we ran down the hall into another door. It led us to a cruise ship now as we ran over to where there was a line for the elevator. It was only for vip for now but we pushed by the guard as ran into the elevator and tried to close it. The guard was mad and kept yelling for us to get out but all we saw before it closed was him getting shot and barely making it out alive. Some of the group was still out there and when we reached the top, they were laying down but were pretending to be alive. They had bullet proof vests underneath.