Chasing Innocence

Date: 5/21/2017

By Fitful

There was a guy, like a muscle man or something, pale and blonde with even muscles in his jaw, and he was folding underwear in a warehouse. He had a pretty song for it. Then he started chasing us, raging like a bull, all over the warehouse. It was pretty scary, we were a bunch of kids, all girls I think. Finally he settled down and went back to his folding. He had to fold them all a specific way. With the song. ~~ I had taken up a job, maybe two jobs at once, it was to watch kids. Like a babysitter. We were in a warehouse, and I watched the kids, until their sister came in and she went wild. She was a very I cooperative girl, her mother despaired. She ran out a couple times, finally I was worried she would run outside into the street and away where I couldn't watch over her so I chased her. I found myself flying down steps, literally jumping 4 floors down the stairwell just to get ahead which I did but barely. Finally I managed to get in front of her and talk her down. Someone else showed up and inturupted. ~~ I was moving large pieces of furniture in the warehouse with the kids milling about trying to be helpful in their own ineffective way. I was very kind tho. We got this big travel on this extra wide elevator, it was like three elevators put side by side into one giant elevator a service elevator perhaps, and i got the table I with help from the little kids who helped to lock the floor into place before the table was on and unlock it after. It took two people to do that. The kid couldn't get it the first time but nm an aged after a few tries. ~~ I was getting into a car, I had been out chasing my sister and we came up to the car my mother and her sister were in. They showed up suddenly, out of the blue. I was surprised by the actors playing my Aunt and mother. I didn't really feel they were a good choice, they were both too young and too skinny and I was also slightly attracted to them, they struck this seductive we're-both-hot-girls pose, until I got in the car and fell into the the roll of whiney teenager. Once in the car, my sister, who might have been my twin, and I began squabbling over food. ~~ I was walking down the street, I think wearing rags which barely covered my ass and dripping dirt. I walked into this crystal shop, the owner winking at me and telling me not to touch anything. It was a running joke, we were old friends, but he was also serious and sounded mean. He had that gay vibe. I wanted some crystals but I walked into the side room and found pets, lots of pets in charges, several of them I've been wanting. I was so excited I could pick up one here. I began to look at all of them so I could begin to decide, I did press my hands and nose to the side of the cages. The owner yelled at me to stop touching things. I wiped off the dirt and handprints I left of the one I touched and then realized it now didn't match the rest which were dirty so I began wiping off the others too. This old man came up beside me and began telling me about cages, and how to make them, he began opening sections of this cage which was suddenly empty and rearranging it to look like elaborate tube system, all the while talking about using creativity to and inspiration and trust to build beautiful shapes for the animals to run about in. Beautiful cages.