When it’s been months since you watched Starship Troopers and this happens.

Date: 2/4/2019

By Havocus

A dream about a post apocalyptic scenario in a mad max/starship trooper vibe setting—desert environment with worn down factories with large chimneys etc. I was in a team of four, our mission was apparently to search and destroy various bugs—very similar to starship troopers style. We maneuver through and around these facilities, staying mostly outside using rooftops/stairways/ladders. When we get close to the end of this dream (I assume it was filled with battles against insects throughout the plant) we come upon (what I now know was) something like a final boss preparation room out of a video game. Lined against the wall are dusty yet functional military weapons. We were relieved as we were stressing about ammunition and supplies. I picked up a large MG, I think it was an M60, then an AR10 with a scope on it, then we uncover a battery powered electric mini gun. This was not like in the video games where you reach for these weapons and they disappear into an inventory, I had them all strapped to me and I carried the mini gun. Soon after this, a giant black bug emerges from a factory nest to us that was maybe 50 yards away. It destroyed the entire roof of the building it was in to stand up straight. We immediately open fire on it. We caused damage to it because I could see its wounds and yeah—orange blood/insides—straight outta starship troopers. The bug enrages and stands on its hind legs...suddenly looking like a bipedal monster. It uncovered it’s dragonfly style wings and began to hover and circle the facilities...its legs were dangling down below it sort of how a mosquitos would. We made a break for where a black hawk down looking helicopter was. I remember circling opposite the demon bug and preparing to open fire when I woke up.