Date: 8/30/2019

By cutiepie

me my mom and my brother all moved to these apartments and we lived there for a week ome day i come home from school and i’m about to take a bath but the tub, i sit in the tub but there this pourer stuff like stuck to the tub it’s green and red and dated it looks like mold or just a dirty tub i tell my mom to clean it she tells me just to run the water so i do i rein it it’s hot water but it’s not burning it’s just about burning its the perfect temperature it will keep you warm without sweating but it’s still not too cool it’s litterly perfect. i thought because it was hot it would get rid of the germs or whatever it was as the water is running i stand up i remebr i wasn’t naked in the dumb for some reason i was squatting with my blue why dnt we shorts and my black slena shirt with that pinkish pearole coler i get up and my feet are all chocky from the dust and my shorts and my butt is chocky aswll coz i was squatting/sitting but i wipe it off my butt and i sit on the toilet i don’t wash my hands and i tell my mom something then i go back and check on the bath even tho i was gone for a short time and nomally when i’m gone that long the tub is the slightest bit full like 1/6 full but it was almost completely filled...with this orange-beige-peach foam i immediately turned off the water but i grew and it didn’t stop it dripped on the floor sizzleed and then i ran to get my mom my mom saw it but for some reason didn’t care we come back home from going to this store it was kinda a walmart/costco/hardware store but it had nice stuff stuff that i like,like bratz,2000’s (kinda) fashion it had random stuff like that gieni game ware you give the masione a doller and the animatronic give you the paper note with your fortion. we came back home the dome was gone i let the water down the drain but the this dust pouder whatever it is dident go away i run the water the fome appears i get my mom she finds it disgusting she turns it to as cold as the water can go and the water dose down and becomes this extremely dark red,the red isn’t even red,it’s black i become shocked and cry right away i freek oit i go running downstairs to my whole family and i jumped in my grandmas lap and cried evreyome was wondering what i was crying about then my mom came down with this blue sheet of paper it had 27th 2004 20 th floor 11th room 152 on it witch ment someone was murders in that bath tub and what i sat on was her dead body even tho the dust was gone i still felt it i was discussed