Why Shopping Malls Should Not Get Into The Aquarium Business

Date: 7/21/2017

By maye

My mother and I had heard that our nearby shopping mall had installed an aquarium for children and their families to enjoy. When we arrived at the mall we were joined by millions of other people who were excited about the new addition to the building. The entrance into the aquarium was blocked by a long line, but we held out anyway. Once we got inside, it looked like a pretty basic aquarium with walls of elegant fish and jellyfish shows. This place was great! It was until we remembered that we live in an area where the kids are assholes and the parents are drunks and/or drug addicts (this fact plays in well with our actual neighborhood lol). We hoped with all our might that this place wouldn't be tainted by the scum of our town, but alas halfway into our tour of the building they show up. There was a shark exhibit which we watched with enjoyment. It was also right next to a very similar arena which was under construction so they could add in some other sea life. In the pool was a family of whales, but not the sea creature type. The mother had a cigarette in her hand while her 5 kids and their grandmother were practically drowning. She yelled at us in an ugly smoker voice to get lost. My mother explained calmly how dangerous it is to be swimming in a pool made for sea life. We even tried to lie to her and tell her that there were sharks in that pool, but she dismissed us by blowing smoke into our faces. At this point, my mom was pissed. She stormed off with me running behind her while the woman cursed at us using her very limited dictionary. This is where my dream ends unfortunately :(. I hope that woman gets eaten by a shark tbh.