Date: 4/10/2019

By foggybrain

I dreamed last night that I was working at Scotts again and somehow I lost my job and Scott was mad at me. I went back and met him in his office and we discussed a few things and argued. Basically I was begging for my job back and he was starting to consider it. He wanted me to do something for him in the building, but I said I couldn’t because I wasn’t wearing a bra or any underwear, and only had some kind of white lace short dress on. Then I looked down and that was what I was wearing, and now he noticed it too for the first time. He was a little mad but softening up a bit. He somehow now had a bed in his office. I was sitting on the side and he sat next to me, then laid down with his head in my lap and hand on my knee. I put my hand on his back. His hand began to move up my leg until he was fingering my pussy. It felt good but then I was mad. He was letting me know that if I wanted my job back then I had to sleep with him. I was thinking of what a pig he was, and how so many men do this and wield this power over women. Then he was fucking me and turned into someone else, but I knew it was still him. I woke up at that point. That dream stayed with me all day and made me feel very awkward.