new employees

Date: 4/25/2017

By Kaddy94

I dreamed at work there were new cleaners. they all dressed as if they were the Jokers henchmen. rumor had it, I was told, that they were suspected for murder. I went into several creepy rooms that do not exist at my work, trying to find my boss to talk to him about it. a few of my Co workers were going into an office, where a woman with short blonde hair and a military uniform sat behind the desk. I thought this was a good chance to air put my concerns. the woman got out a snake, and people began talking to it--answering questions I didn't hear being asked. I tried to get them to tell me what was going on, but then the snake turned to me and said "tell me about your first birthday" for some reason I knew no one else could hear the question. I replied "My dad wasn't there, and my mom was miserable" I ended up running from the building, which was suddenly on a lake, and hiding on the lakes edge with my aunt K who was also suddenly there.