Will Arnett is funny as a chicken

Date: 2/24/2017

By jmeltzer

Will Arnett is married to Rashida Jones and comes home to his apartment or the motel room they are staying at and slips on a piece of chicken and severely hurts his leg. He then complains about it profusely to his wife before she takes him to the hospital. While at the hospital they serve him chicken and/or fried chicken and he complains again about his unhealthy that is for a place that is trying to make sick people better. He really thinks that the hospital is trying to finish the job of killing him that the chicken he slipped on started, by serving him more chicken. Rashida Jone, his wife, ensures him that that is still not the case, but he is unconvinced. He then proceeds to get up and begin dancing like a chicken and I think wearing a fried chicken costume to berate his wife for not believing him. She simply holds he head in embarrassment as he continues to dance like a giant idiot chicken. I laugh out loud in my sleep while watching this in my dream, so much so I wake myself up a little bit and realize this is a dream. I now want to remember this because I thought it was so funny. So in my dream I now dream that I woke up in my childhood home and I come downstairs to tell my mother about this dream because 1. it was super funny and I think she'll appreciate it and 2. my telling it again I think I'll be able to better remember it in the future. So as I'm recounting all the things I wrote about the dream just above to my mother, I see someone walk into my parents bedroom. I'm recounting the dream right across the way with my mom in my parent's computer room. I naturally assume that my father is walking into his bedroom but as I turns out it is actually Will Henline a friend from work who apparently is staying in the house as well. Which he makes me feel kinda bad for not "remembering" that he is staying there, as he says so very matter of factly, and then also for me accidentally calling him "Dad." Then I actually wake up and I want to remember the dream so much I immediately download this app and begin writing this dream down in it.