Four Dreams

Date: 5/31/2017

By shizbiz

1: Sleep continues to evade me so i'm constantly moving around in bed. However the spaces I can move to are highlighted in blue, I cannot go beyond them. 2: I get into an argument with a little girl at my doorstep, the argument was because I was trying to shoo her away before snoopy (my cat) runs out. In order to resolve it I ask her to come in and talk it out with me. 3: The group chat is lit, everyone from EXO is online after I've sent pictures of my cat. I've told them that I'm going to a festival at Sharjah City Center, that there are going to be fireworks so i'll be standing at the parking lot opposite to it. I'm waiting when Sehun and Suho show up. They claim it's a surprise. I ask them to walk to my house and that i'll follow after (they thought it was too crowded and my car was stuck). 4: We're in an arena league key place, everyone has their own rooms. I've got a giant room to myself because my friends couldn't make it last minute. Someone knocks at my door late at night, it's my oldest friend (iff), he needs someone to walk with him to the doctors. We walk the corridors getting lost multiple times since there are no signs, the eerie blue lights illuminate us from above, I drop him at the doctors and leave. The next day we had all gone for a field trip, on the way back from the field we had gotten lost. I walk ahead in order to help figure out where we are. I see an old friend (Tab) there, we end up chatting and looking for the place. We finally find a familiar building but there's a sports match going on outside and the building looks a lot more posh-er. We still head in and go check it out. He makes a dumb joke and I tell him "See this is why we stopped talking" only to realize that was a horrible thing to say. We look through rooms and find his and mine. He gets a call halfway in my room, he takes it and asks me to wait. In the meanwhile a friend of mine arrives and breaks down in tears, I get on knees level and ask her what's wrong. The dreams ends while her and I look out of the window.