Dreamed about Ghoster

Date: 1/2/2023

By coll23

I had a dream about this girl I developed very real feelings for. So basically, we were texting back and forth. She tells me she was seeing a guy during COVID season but that she made a mistake with him and was "now not trying to go for looks but also the personality." We were asking questions to each other like who our crush was, and it was a beautiful alternate reality sort of dream. And it feels awful to wake up from that dream. I woke up right before I was going to confess to her in the dream. Edit: maybe this was a sign as she texted me the same day and told me she went on a trip but wouldn't answer where 2nd edit: looks like I am a prophet as I asked her about past relationship ships and she did indeed tell me she dated a guy during junior year of HS which is close to COVID season