Follow Up Semi Lucidity

Date: 12/26/2017

By iamnotmhz

I wanted to follow up with yesterday’s semi-lucid dream with a full fledged attempt today’s the same rules apply: * Midday nap * Laying on my left side * Covered from head to toe with blanket (with a small opening for my face to breathe/peer out of) * Approximately the same time attempted (noon) * TV off but the baby monitor still on Someone commented yesterday that perhaps wrapping myself up caused me to stay extremely still and calm so I made a concerted effort to stay completely still while nodding off. At some point, I thought I heard a noise come from the kitchen that seemed to startle me slightly awake but I didn’t budge. However, something was now off. It seemed like it was night time instead of the middle of the day when I looked through the opening I left myself. My living room is now dark like it’s night time with the exception of the hallway light connecting it to the kitchen. I did not attempt to remove blankets this time; instead I immediately went to stick my finger through my palm. Without hesitation it went through. I’m in! This time I decided to test movement and went to sit up on the couch. As I went to tilt myself upward, I felt my entire body become incredibly tingly. This caused me to become slightly concerned so I wanted the dream to end there. Not exactly sure what I did to prompt myself to wake but I feel like it was pinching my nose again but I could be wrong. All told, the dream itself was incredibly short but very vivid and I definitely felt more in control today than I did yesterday. Hoping this trend continues towards full lucid dreaming!