Hawaii trip

Date: 1/22/2017

By killerlithium

I'm I'm a tropical place with who I think are friends, staying at a house with deep water right out the back door and tall cliffs protruding from the water, I know I spent a lot of the day on the water (you can travel around town by boat in some places) and I was going to go across the lake or whatever to go somewhere on the opposite side so I started my jet ski outside but the water was too choppy to ride and the longer I waited, the worse the water got and then a giant whirlpool started and I considered just going around it but then another and another formed around it so I turned off the jet ski and almost immediately the water calmed down, then I walked to the front door and was taking pictures because the sky was pink and really pretty and there were other houses outside like a suburban almost cat-in-the-hat-y houses outside and at some point I realized that it was midnight but still light outside and I thought it was just because the days must be longer here, so I guess I decided to drive to a grocery store or something, I just remember driving through the parking lot. I think this was supposed to be Hawaii or something, everything was more beautiful. -I also vaguely remember hanging out with kids who I was supposed to be going to camp with but I can't remember how they fit in