What just happened?

Date: 2/10/2017

By annie2az

Before i begin the dream you should know I go to a Sixth Form at a puvlic school. I usually either have 2-5 dreams per night, or nights where I don't have dreams/can't remember them. This night I can remember this: I went into this weird building to visit a "friend" that was currently staying there because of her mental issues. I myself didn't seem to have the best mentality either because after a couple of minutes after talking to her while observing the room, I took a bottle of gasoline and spread it around the room. By the time people notice what I'd done, everyone was surrounded and some soaked in gasoline. Now, that wouldn't be dangerous usually, except for the fact that I had a small tea candle that could set this all off. I didn't let anyone move and I threatened them all with throwing the candle and setting the whole thing off. I climbed up some stuff so I was closer to the ceiling (the building was really just one quite big room) and placed a candle there before walking back down. Then, an actual friend of mine came into the room and up to me. "You're dreaming. Do a reality check." She said, because she often does those herself in real life. She took out her hand and placed her index and middle finger in her palm and her fingers went through. "See? Check it yourself." She said, so I pulled up my hand up to eye level as my way of checking was to see if my hand looks normal. My hand wasn't normal, therefore convincing me that this is a dream and making myself wake up. Almost. I didn't actually wake up in real life. It made me wake up into the next dream where I stood in the doorway of one of my school hall doors with her. I began walking and ended up walking into the girls PE changing rooms and for some reason we were changing our clothes. After we were changed we walked through the empty corridor and into a busy one, except I lost her in this one. I was in our "Sixth form corridor" where 2 of our friends were sat with 3 older people. The two friends were a boy and a girl (let's call them Jake and Ella for anonymous reasons). The three older people were men in their 40's maybe? Except they were ghosts. Practically see through white. They told Jake that he's just like them and that he will become famous in history one day, just like them. Then they ran off, with him following, while Ella walked upstairs as if I was not there. I followed the way Jake and the men went but ended up crashing into a guy (and for some reason I tried to take a ring <green ring with old/Celtic like symbols and a green emerald is what I saw in my mind then> even though I didn't even know how I knew he had that ring or what I needed it for). I ended up not being able to get the ring for him and also loosing Jake and the men at the end of the corridor so I began walking back. On the way back I could hear shouting and thudding as I walked up to my younger brother. "Are you okay?" I asked him as he leaned on some stairs. "Yeah. What's going on down there?" He asked as I looked back. "Just kids getting into fights. Stay safe." I told him and then walked back into the Sixth form corridor, where I ended up waking up 30 minutes before my alarm and began writing this.