Finding my way to water

Date: 7/4/2017

By Jennyboo92

We started in a crowded room. Everyone was talking and there was so much noise. Some people seemed to be very agitated. This large, loud, grisly man walked over and yelled that it was time for the party. We all stood up and began to walk, going through the twists and turns of a building. When we got to a set of stairs, I heard crying. I looked down and saw that someone's child was linked to my ankle by some straps. I looked around confused. I couldn't move up the stairs with a someone else's child attached to me. I unhooked the straps and the mother picked up her child. I moved forward to go up the stairs, but we weren't inside anymore. I blocked out the sounds of the group and walked ahead focused only on hiking through the woods. When everyone else stopped and started setting up the party, I kept going. I reached the top of a small hill, and there was a river. A sense of joy and peace fell over me. I was happy. Where I belonged. Several times I tried to go back to the party, but I was "dragged" by this force back to the top of that hill just looking at the peaceful river. I remember passing a picnic blanket. The food was still laid out. I had been there before. A reminder to me of how close I had come to this peaceful place, but had never quite made it. Finally, I was home.