The Law Includes Dragons

Date: 3/5/2019

By Fitful

I was in a small costal town, kinda a hick town. Brown wood buildings, simple folk, etc. I was investigating. I heard there was something serious going on about dragons. In the tavern one night I laid some huge hints on the populace, over emphasis on the word dragon to many individuals very loudly. Finally a woman couldn't help it but confessed "we have captive a hundred dragons" she said. Her justification was "dragons keep maidens" and keep was synonymous with eat in this case. And maids synonymous with virgins. I went on a little speach about legality and innocent until proven guilty but it was far more elegant and eloquent than that simple phrase. It consisted of legal cases and fancy terms regarding law and cases in which an accused was judged guilty unfairly first. Anyway they had the dragons on the beach, captured in some invisible balloon prison or something. There were other investigations I did there as well, some were personal involving persons familiar but those ones remain vague.