Family Reunion

Date: 7/3/2017

By emily_mckenzie03

I was young at the time that I was kidnapped and raped. I was showing signs that I was pregnant and I told my kidnapper that I thought I was pregnant. He got really mad at me and he started beating me until I passed out. He got a drugstore pregnancy test then he forced me to take it. It came back positive he wanted me to take two more and that back positive. I was devised to find out that I was in fact pregnant With my first child. I don't know how this would happen because I am only 12 and I only had my period twice. I was forced to carry the child. I gave birth to a girl. I named her Isabella she was a healthy baby. I was only allowed to change her and feed her that people that kidnapped me took her away afterwards. Only four months after I gave birth they started to rape me again. About 4 years after I had my first child I started showing signs that I was pregnant again I was scared to tell him but I decided that was the only way I could be okay. Once again he bet me and then he bought me another pregnancy test. He was even more angry the second time that I was pregnant he gave me back Isabella and told me to get out and never come back. So I did what he told me because I was in feae of what might happen to me if I did not listen to him. I went to the police department and they gave me back to my parents. They also put him up for a wanted man but they never caught him. My parents hated me for having a child even though I told them I was raped they didn't even care. They gave me to my cousin named Laura her and her husband Michael took care of me. For awhile everything was okay until I was in labor they didn't know if I could handle it and they didn't really want me to keep it but I wanted too. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I named her Leah. Two mouths later they wanted the well family to see me again after what I've been through and there was a perfect opportunity to do that. There was a family reunion only 2 days away. So we drove up at Virginia and stayed in a hotel. They offered to help me with the kids but I wanted to take care of them. Two days later I saw my grandmother sitting next to this kid he was around my age. I wasn't with the kids so he seemed attracted to me. He wasn't a part of the family he looked Mexican but with the smi- curly hair I decided to talk to him and he seem to like me his name is Lewis. Michael ran in with the kids and said he need to help someone and Lewis look very confused. He asked me if there are my children I didn't want to lie to him so I said yes I thought that was enough to scare anyone off but he decided to stick around and ask more questions. He asked me if I have a boyfriend and that was obviously the answer was no. Then he asked me if I wanted to have children and if that was my plan. The answer was no. I could keep it in any longer and I said "I was raped and the reason I didn't tell you is because I thought you would see me as a victim and you wouldn't be any interested in me anymore" he assured me that he would be there for me even if I have children. We talked for awhile after that and me crying Isabella ran in and reached her arms out to pick her up. Since Leah was in the baby stroller I picked her up. He looked shocked that I had two children. I told him that the same thing happened the first time I had a kid. We went outside and I was holding Leah Isabella was playing with a flower and me and Lewis asked if he could hold Leah and I said yes and he said I always wanted a family and I have got one right here. He knelt down to one Knee and said "Emily would you marry me" I said yes and we kissed. Isabella held her hand up to her eyes and said "ewww" me and Lewis laughed. About 3 years later we got married and we decided to not have anymore kids. We already was happy with our family right now. And we lived a long happy life together. THE END