weird boy and dead cousin

Date: 2/11/2017

By clarissatownsend

I dreamt about this boy? I think he was my cousins boyfriend. He did a bunch of tricks like hanging off the side of a building. I think we were on vacation and he would keep showing off to everyone and they would be amazed. Finally, my cousin got annoyed and broke up with him. I think he went home and was super sad Lmao. And then it was a different time and I was at my other cousins house. My other cousin is 21 and at college right now. I guess she had passed away in my dream or something. My aunt wanted me to go in her old room, turn the lights off and close the door. I was so nervous because I thought I would see her ghost. There was a teddy bear that said "I love you _____" (her name) and I was like kind of freaked out. That's all I can really remember.