Lion Safari Adventure

Date: 9/24/2019

By CaliToAR

I was being take on a safari tour in when I noted behind the giant fence, lions of just about every size were beginning to stare. My guide assured me everything would be fine and it was okay to start running. Sure e ought, when I began running the lions ran along with me almost as if they were encouraging me/giving me their strength woke up after that

AI generated interpretation The dream you described, titled "Lion Safari Adventure," appears to symbolize aspects of empowerment, strength, and overcoming fears or challenges in your waking life. The setting of the dream, a safari tour, represents exploration and the journey of self-discovery. The presence of lions, known for their power and dominance, represents the potential obstacles or fears that you may be facing or expecting to encounter. The giant fence indicates a form of protection, suggesting that you are aware of the dangers or challenges surrounding you. Your guide in the dream serves as a supportive figure, reassuring you that everything will be fine and giving you the go-ahead to start running. This guide may symbolize your inner strength, wisdom, or intuition, which reminds you that you have the capability to overcome the obstacles ahead. It is important to note that your guide's encouragement signifies the encouragement you might need to trust and rely on your own abilities and inner resources. As you begin running and the lions run alongside you, it represents a shift from perceiving these obstacles as threats to perceiving them as sources of strength or motivation. This suggests that instead of trying to avoid or escape challenges, you are facing them head-on, using their presence as a means to empower yourself. The lions acting as encouragement and offering you their strength may symbolize the transformative potential of facing fears, as overcoming them can provide you with newfound power and self-assurance. Overall, this dream seems to convey your ability to confront fears or challenges in your waking life with determination and confidence. It highlights the idea that facing and embracing obstacles can lead to personal growth and empowerment.