Kitten persecution

Date: 8/25/2017

By nuteliya

I had been reading an article on Cracked about why veterinarians commit suicide and I think this was slightly influenced by the article. I was at a hotel and was in a kitchen-lobby-tv- like room on the ground floor which had a door straight to the garage. There was a hurricane close to the area so the car garage was flooded. There was a dog and a kitten who were scared (I love dogs; hate cats). I let them both in but they attacked me almost as if they were possessed it was scary (probably influenced by watching Annabelle also lol) so I literally kicked them out! When I realized a mob like entity of sorts had been recording the whole time. They set out to get me and when they captured me were going to kill me because of animal abuse (which was insane and ironic to me because I love animals) anyway somehow after much torture, physical abuse and even threats of a gangbang I managed to get away. There was a music festival going on near by so I asked as many people for clothes as I could.. including athletic shoes for better running and I even got a black long bob wig! I ran into my cousin's friend and she agreed to take me to her place (she's in grad school somewhere in the state) and then when things calmed down she could take me to the bus station and I could go home. The dream ended with me in her car with a bunch of her friends on drugs.... in a storm. Also I've always said I didn't have the default "will to live/survive" but this dream was pretty crazy and I was really fighting for myself. I also remember thinking how much it would hurt my parents if I was murdered... aw how annoyingly unselfish of me :)