Hotel stay with all our pets

Date: 7/31/2017

By ctrl-alt-doll

We arrived at a hotel with our luggage and pets and we let the pets loose. Then we opened a room door and there was someone in there asleep, a teenage boy and his dog. So we closed the door and my husband went to sort it out. I started gathering the pets back in their carry baskets and counting them but I kept loosing count. Sometimes there were 16 and other times 20. Some were missing. A little ginger kitten was missing but I saw it asleep under some blankets, My husband came back to tell me that we had to move to another room. The boy's parents came back to collect the boy and said they were leaving. The house keeper arrived and she helped me get the top glass cover off the fish tank. I put my arm in to try to catch a fish but could not feel the water. None of the fish were mine so we put the cover back. It didn't fit back properly and the fish tank was on the bed. I told my husband that we could stay and the hotel could just send housekeeping to make up the room but he said they were firm that we had to move. I spied a tiny snake which was one of our pets and went after it but it evaded me. We were still missing a tiny lizard. I found a chicken and a cat. But still more pets missing.