Stalking my Ex

Date: 8/19/2017

By toxxicduck

At first I was doing mundane things in the kitchen sink; dishes, I guess, but I only remember washing gunk down the garbage disposal. I received a text message from my ex Nainoa saying “So when are you going to come back to Hawaii?” (I lived there with him for awhile). I answered him with “I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Then I was at the airport in a long line that went down an escalator. I was in it to check back into Portland, as I had just off an airline. I saw Nainoa standing in line several people ahead of me. He kept looking back at me nervously, like he was scared of me. I was mostly just annoyed that he was in Portland and I didn’t intend on talking to him, but while I was thinking that I just kept staring at him and following where he went when the line disappeared. Like I was stalking him. I joined up with my old college roommate Jordyn and two other women. There were four of us, so the other two could have been my other two roommates Ellie and Marina, but I don’t remember for sure, just knew they were women. We were gathered for some group project we were working on, for college probably. We headed down an escalator to this large open area with tables and chairs everywhere. There was an escalator going down, which I was on, on the right side of the room and another going up on the other side. On the wall across from the escalators there was a huge four story window that let in a good amount of light. On the opposite wall between the escalators was a huge painting; an abstract with wavy spikes of red on the left lower half and wavy spiky navy blue on the upper right, which I just realized are my favorite colors. The area was crowded with people and now had a really college-y vibe to it instead of being the airport. While us four went down into the room and found a round red table to work at, I was constantly looking for Nainoa and seeing off in the distance somewhere and he was looking at me all scared like. Just wanting to know where he was and what he was doing but not actually wanting to talk to him.