Oktoberfest Zombies

Date: 7/7/2017

By claszlo123

It started with me in a school play in a restaurant called Oktoberfest where the play had a scene with Robin (from Batman) going into a cellar to deal with something down there. In the play, there is supposed to be a "zombie" that gets Robin and turns him into a zombie. However, the zombie character that's downstairs gets infected by an actual disease and turns into a real zombie. When Robin goes down there during the performance, we hear screaming. He gets eaten alive by the zombie and the zombie bursts out of the cellar. I ran out of the building as far as I could make it and suddenly I travel back in time to right before the scene with Robin going into the cellar. This time, I know what is going to happen so once Robin goes downstairs and the screaming starts I shut the cellar door and lock it. Everyone hears the clawing at the door and we all evacuate the building. I go to school the next morning and everything is strange. A bunch of areas are boarded off and lots of people are missing. The zombies were contained in the underground of the city but they break out in the tunnels of Signature School. I escape the building and run to find my father (who doesn't believe me about any of this). I'm driving my dad to get out of town but we drive past Oktoberfest and he insists on going inside for dinner. I tried to tell him what was down in the cellar but he wouldn't listen. He ran to the door and when he opened it a hand grabbed him and pulled him in. I bolted inside and right at the entrance was a humongous staircase with hundreds of people dressed up in costumes of ways people die. At the back of the line were sharks and natural disasters and such while at the front were diseases and terrorism. They were all chasing this character in the front dressed up as the world, signifying how all these things were trying to take over the world. Right behind the world was a zombie, and the world was carrying my father. I dodged attacks from all the characters as I ran down the huge staircase and eventually reached the world, where I punched him and carried my father all the way back up the stairs. I reached the top but the first door we originally took to get in was locked. Luckily, there was a door next to it that was open and we ran outside.