Date: 4/12/2017

By crystalsisi

Samhain best friend shakes a ball, and then looked up to me and frowns. "Wrong side," We are in a city. Walls are close together. Something inside this city, something ancient seems to be making the whole city rumble. I immediately knew it was zombies. Classic! I look around and suddenly people start running. That's my cue too, so I start running until I find an old skyscraper, and proceed to jump to the top due to the holes in the floor that allow me to go through and do so. It was similar to parkour, and I remember being able to jump really high. Once I got there, I remember there being videos. The rest of what humans were left in the city all went high into the city's buildings. From there, we began to rebuild our own society. For some reason I was running. I remember having traveled a long ways in snow, and then finally reaching a home that I never noticed. I waited there until a man showed up, before he made me go to his car. I remember struggling to unlock it, being in a rush before I jumped in. Soon afterwards we find ourselves at my old friends house. I ask her to come in, and she lets me but not the man. He's gone now, and she is looking at me with a certain look in her eye I didn't like very much. I run upstairs and then suddenly everything turns weird. I stumble through a door that immediately lets me into a room where the floor drops; so I fell in. Weirdly as I was falling in, I look up and see a video on the wall of a woman in black hair with a thorny rose in her hand as she takes me in her arms. Then I tumbled past all these dresses; bare and looking like they were missing their main designs. Then I remember, for some reason, that I am missing the males I need to transform with in order to save everyone. In an instant tears flood my eyes because I remember those who I was supposed to transform with; they were like my family. I call their names as I cry, and suddenly I hear one shout, "Did you hear that?! Someone's calling our names!" Kei comes, and immediately my arms are thrown around him. I hug him. Shortly after that the rest came, and shortly after I woke up. The hug was so real and comforting.