The Teacher Is a Queen and a Witch

Date: 7/2/2017

By incurableflame

Hello everyone! So I just had an interesting dream where I moved with my family to UK. I got a job there and went to a crappy school. I was also kinda poor and didn't have any friends... But anyway. In the dream I went to an English class. The classroom was tiny and had a strict seating plan. I took my seat and the class started. The teacher was a beautiful, raven-haired lady, maybe in her 30s. She had IMPECCABLE skin and make up - she looked like she was from theatre. She was very intimidating and serious, yet somehow I felt this was all an act. Also, instead of writing answers on the board - she drew them. They were quick sketches, but they were so gorgeous. I remember she drew a lion. Anyways, at some point in the dream, she told us to help her with a project. Eventually I realized the witchcraft elements - especially the gathering of weird herbs and potions and crushing them etc. I realized she was a witch but I was totally cool with it. She took a liking to me and I became her personal assistant. I was able to get into her house and, long story short, I found out she was a discarded queen without an heir, and her younger brother was fat and gay.