Halloween Reunion

Date: 7/27/2017

By drunchee

I'm at a Family Reunion. I got there late for some reason and most of my aunts and uncles are under a tent and all of them have this weird vibe, like they were judging me oddly. Me Josh and Garrett hadn't eaten yet and there was a lot of food left. I was about to go for the food cuz it looked super good but my mom said "Drew you gotta pray" from the tent. So I did along with all my cousins who were on the other side of the food table. Then we digged in. I don't remember getting food but I remember the types of food. Normal thanksgiving foods and such. I see Josh getting two slices of hard boiled egg and dipping it into deviled egg dip. So I did the same to form my deviled egg. I don't remember eating, but I recall afterwards it got strange. There's this farmed field, empty of plant life but muddy. Then beyond that is a line of forestry trees. And to the left of the trees is The Ruins. Some kind of magic place, full of ruins, like grey brick walls and some sorta intact shelters. Some are different types of stone though, like sand stone almost. I recall being in there once before, and thinking it was Eerie. I'm at a strange tree that's fruit has dirt encrusted over it naturally. The tree is right infront of the field. I take one off and begin to take off the dirt, only to find that due to the rain the dirt is mud, so it's harder to get off. The fruit/nut inside is very odd. It has a minecraft Dark Oak door on the front. And underneath the fruit is a hole covered up by a brown lego flat peice. I pushed up on the lego and it fell out, revealing the inside being a minecraft chest. I opened the mini chest and got a weirdly shaped leather helmet and boots. Suddenly two girls came up on me. One was my age and I remember being attracted to her. She asked why I was spending my Halloween standing around my a tree, and I told her I just wanted to, but she told me to come with her to the ruins with my fruit so I did. At the Ruins I remember meeting a huge man, like Hagrid, who looked at the fruit and tried to decipher its purpose.