When they want what you are not.

Date: 6/25/2019

By Fitful

I was visiting my family's Victorian mansion in town. Mine was under construction. It was winter. I didn't really get on well the family, they didn't understand me, but they were family. They pretended to understand me. My father came by. He was a bit of a con artist, a grifter, the kind who always wanted to make a dime on some concocted scheme that he actually believed in but most often didn't work. In fact they never worked. This time he had come up with a formula, a recipe for Immortality. For vampirism. I didn't believe him so I didn't take eit straight away. I was curious but I didn't have high expectations, any expectations. Bad men came and raided the home. The office my father was using had been ransacked. I refused to leave, I was trying to find that elixir. If it was real and they stole it there went my father's fortune. I wanted toy take it now, just to keep it out of their hands. I hid behind a crashed desk and tried to look for it among the rubble. I couldn't find the mug it was in at all. I thought maybe it spilled all over some candy. They caught me and wondered why a rich girl like me was still in the house. I'd been looking for something something valuable they concluded. And it I was already rich it must be amazing indeed. I told them or they guess but I ended up eating candy, wrapped and sealed warheads which were soft and gummy, but the elixir hadn't spilled onto them. The men desperately wanted the cure now they knew about it. They refused to let me go. I think the rest of my family was in on it because suddenly I was a prisoner. I couldn't leave. They had captured my father too and were trying to get the recipe out of him they were trying with me too but I hadn't been paying attention when my father made it and rambled on because I assumed it was nonsense. I wanted to badly to leave, I was so traumatized by the events I just wanted to write about hrm but I knew everything I wrote would go straight to them. My family was in on it, they were the jailers now. I ended up in a facility where they made up the rules, I would have to think exactly the way they wanted me to, act the way they wanted me to, adhere to very strict rules. I would be made to remember the formulae. I had to be come a child to be with my true love who was already here, somewhere among they beds of people they had captured and turned into children. I acted very accommodating, very Gung ho, very eager to please. I wasn't inside I just wanted them to stop hurting me. I wanted them to stop gripping me so tightly with their control I couldn't breathe. But I realized that night, sitting in the dark by myself that I would have to run away. They were going to erase me if I stayed. The inside me would be gone, brainwashed, stripped away. I felt such mourning. I didn't want to have to start over again. I didn't want to lose everything, all my stuff, all my family, everything again. But I knew I had to. I had to preserve myself. I was very very sad.