Pool disaster/Shrek

Date: 7/15/2019

By Kevins917

So tonight I had a dream I was swimming and the pool had a competition so the best jump/flip into the pool so being who I am I did a double backflip but in doing so I landed sideways I was pretty mad about it because a kid who did a dive won because his dive was clean and after I left the pool I was in the parking lot and I saw my friend and my uncle talking so I went over to say hi and my friend said that it was his uncle too and I look over and it’s Shrek not my uncle so he runs out of the car and went into the woods so we went to go look for him but when we were going to find him he was on top of a big mountain so I went to climb it and then my uncle was in a hut but no sign of Shrek so I help my uncle down and we slipped into a rock and that’s it because my brother woke me up.