spiders & monkeys

Date: 6/25/2017

By mediocrates

dream started with me & my friend shw following my cousin Joy to another country. there he goes in a gigantic mall & we lose him. so we decide to do some shopping of our own. we reach a level where there are large horrifying monkey sculptures. we decide to go upwards in hopes of finding so decent shops but there is no escalator & we walk up a very narrow stairs with the crowd. the people behind us are ChirnjvShty & HrshSrg from my class and one another person. I'm walking in front of them & my shorts are very loose & CS catches a glimpse of my fuchsia undies he starts to make comments about it. i ignore it at first but then i get so angry and hit him. at the same moment we reach a floor which is a hospital and several doctors have come out hearing the commotion. CS & HS start blaming it on me but i accuse them of sexual harrasement & start berating them. my friend Shw is backing me up & I'm constantly apologizing to the docs for the noise. they tell me not to worry & that they'll make sure that these people will be punished. everyone is on my side except a few profs who adore these two. i meet one such female prof outside of my highschool cafeteria & shes very distant to wards me. i get invited to a wedding but our room is very high up & theres a ladder instead of a stairs so a guy gives me his room instead. in this part I'm watching a movie in my parents living room & then i have to go to washroom which leads me to a strange place with 3 bathrooms in a row..the first one is like the theaters ladies room but there are thousands of spiders crawling on the floor .2nd one has spiders falling from the sky and the 3rd one has no spiders but its too small and disgusting & u can't do ur business w/o touching every surface in there.