Me and coco

Date: 7/13/2019

By tommikidd

I had a dream some mad came into me and coco s hotel room trying to rape us and I kept calling her a stupid ducking bitch when we were trying to find ways to excape because I was frustrated and the. I finally got someone from outside to help us, and the rapist turned into a bulldog and he was in a cage, then wen me and my sister we’re walking to find our parents, I told her sorry for calling her names and I felt bad and she started crying because she left her favorite shirt and like a stuffed animal behind. The man was gruffly rude white with a beard and kind of fat, looked like he could break my face by hitting me if he wanted to. And then he turned into a bulldog. And I told him he’s going to jail for kip-napping us. And he became smaller like a puppy. But I still held the cage tight as if I were afraid he would escape and turn back into a man. I don’t remember putting him in the cage.