The Test Unfair- Popularity Vs Normal People Like Me! (2)

Date: 9/29/2019

By CalMehJuly

The results were here. The Test that was in progress for many years. All the girls in school took it. They give us these packets that informs us who we were and maybe are. I'm worried and nervous. Will I still be known as the shy girl or the nice one? I'm hoping for a packet saying Dream Girl or Miss Positive. The packet covers up our personalities over the years, what we wore, how we acted and etc. When I got to the room (it looked like my basement It was Dark and had a few candles.) They gave me ONE PACKET. They said these are the results from when I was little to last year. They talked about what style of clothes I wore. I wasnt listening very much. I saped out. One packet? Thats it? But things were just getting started... ALL THE GIRLS LINED UP AND WERE RECEIVING THEIR PACKETS. I was one of them. All of them dressed nicely. Very formal and excited. What will I get one girl exclaims. Probably a very good one another girl said. Their parents anf family were all in their seats. Cheering. Or probably taking pictures of this important event. When they were calling out the names All the popular girls got SEVERAL Packets and they havent called ANY normal girls like me. Normal girls? I meant this as girls and people in general who dont post social media a lot.they don't cause scenes. What I considered normal or ordinary may be diffrent for you. Thats fine. But pretty much when you see them in groups and you know they are clowns or troublemakers they might be popular. I'm not saying ALL popular people are bad. Some can be nice and sweet. Others however the complete opposite from where I come from anyway. ANYWHO I took a stand I messed up everything up and told them how unfair this was. I stepped on their packets and tore them to shreds. None of them did anything to me. 😊 as usual for a win of ✌ victory! CHECK THE NOTES PLEASE THANKS