Date: 1/26/2017

By technassassin

a friend of yours was coming down after we moved in together and I said sure. they could stay for a bit. you did not tell me who it was and I only found out when you said "monmon". You leave for work and as you kiss me she gives me this death glare. I shrug it off, move to the sofa after you leave and attempt to make small talk. it doesnt take long before she made a remark about how sexy you are. I lose the plot, going off and telling her that she had better stay in her lane. she then starts to pull her phone out, saying that she was in the lane first. that I shouldn't even have you. she turns the phone around... pictures of you that she took. pictures of you and her kissing, and being on top of eachother. I broke down. then she proceeded to tell me that all of those happened while you and I were together... I tried so hard not to believe it... I told her to leave... she was no longer welcome in our home...