love sucks "only for young ass stupid teenagers who fall in love"

Date: 1/24/2017

By taimur

A friend once asked me if I wanted to date her at this point I was confused because I had a perspective over love and being in a relationship whatsoever, I was confused and didn't know what to say to her. Now I wonder if only I could have told her "hey look at what happened to you and him, you two loved each other so much that you decided to get in a relationship but did you realize what you were getting into? 3 years and now you both are strangers to eachother, to be honest you don't know where this will take you. You might end up marrying them or end up seeing that person you loved become a total stranger, in all honesty there is not guarantee, you don't know how this will end up. So now tell me something If I really love you why the hell would I want to lose you, if this is what being in a relationship does to you I wouldn't sign up for it" but instead if saying all that^ I changed the topic to something else but it was bottled up so I decided of posting it here on dream wall :') lolz plus that girl is a really good friend of mine and maybe I just didn't want to sabotage our friendship or maybe I just value her friendship more than my own feelings.