strange simulation dream, plus fake terroist attack.

Date: 8/5/2017

By mrmidgetman

me my crush and my old school freind who had the same name as me went to this building that had recently opened and we walked into one of the rooms and what we saw were 3 giant computers with people strapped to them. and then on the computer screen we could see them in this simulation kind of thing so we asked if we could have a go. and apparently these simulations were supposed to tell us more about our selves in a phycological kind of way. anyway we all went and did a simulation and also all the computers had names and mine was called the blue baboon. i don't really remember much that happened in my simulation except for this battle thing i did where i war in the Percy Jackson movie and i was trying to kill Satan. after that we all woke up from our simulations and then we went into another one with each other and i can't remember why we said we would do that. anyway again i don't remember anything about that simulation except for there being sponge poke balls laying on the floor and we were in this deserted city shopping center kind of thing. and also for some reason i had to get into a taxi but as soon as i opened the door for the taxi it drove of because he thought i was already in the car. them we woke up from that simulation and then i saw this Japanese person and i started to talk to them in Japanese and i had a very good conversation with them in Japanese(by the way i actually speak Japanese in real life) . after that me and my mum went outside into this field where everyone else was. and then this family walk in front of us and they try to speak to us in a different language and then the dad starts to make clicking noises and then they all pull out guns and bombs and they start asking where the queen lives and then they throw a bomb and it turned out to be fake and it was all just a joke and for some reason everyone else seemed fine with it. and then the news tried to conver up what happened with something about key boards and eating them. and then i woke up