Petty Annoyances All Day Long

Date: 2/26/2019

By bookishwarmth

I was getting a little bullied by these girls in the school library, calling my shoes, glasses, body, face, everything ugly in a whisper tone they thought I couldn’t hear. I told them to mess off, but they just started doing it worse. I was so hurt I went to my new history teacher to handle it. Later that day I ran up behind one of the girls and told them they were going to get in trouble for what they did, because I told a teacher. She were scampering off, scared because she didn’t have her other two girls of the possi. The next day rolled around after a night of sleep, and I picked up my boyfriend to go to school with me, only I was kinda late. We decided to go to Mcdonald’s (I absolutely hate Mcdonald’s in real life), but the line was full of people, younger kids like from school trying to get breakfast. I knew I had to help my man get to school on time so I went ahead and got out of the line and dropped him off at school, but I was just absolutely starving, so I had to go back to get something to eat only I thought I had ten minutes when I really only had one. I swerved back out of line and zoomed towards the school, but I wasn’t really in a car it was more like I was just flying low to the ground and plankwise. There were kids from my school going really fast and recklessly trying to get to school on time too. I managed to get to school, and I just came to terms with the fact that I was late. I got to my first class chemistry, realized I forgot to pick up my textbook and notebook for class. It was a huge and airy room, that was white but not very vibrant. Next class was history, turns out I had to take care of my cat there, she was in a crate. It was a dark purple color and barely light up. I took her to class with me, as class was starting I realized the bully girls were in that class, they didn’t sit in a normal desk they sat against the walls. The teacher began class, and closed the door, then I felt safe enough to let my cat out to roam. She got up on the teachers back, but the teacher kept teaching, my cat eventually got down and he just kept going teaching. My cat got in my lap and I was holding her and petting her while watching the teacher teach, but he called on me and was telling me, “are you listening, that cat seems to be distracting you, come on tell me one answer, you haven’t told me one, you don’t know anything.” Truth be told I was kinda just following along, but I stood up and said, “my cat wouldn’t prevent me from listening to you, or knowing the answers! I know them plenty, there is only one thing i don’t know on this lesson!” He replied with, “oh sure, looks like this will hinder talking with your bullies.” I go on to explain how I have gone to a magnet school before and am smart, along with telling some of the answers to the lesson. The other half of class we were playing a map game, and you had to get within one forth of an inch to the exact place on a map, but with things stacked on top of each other, and you had to do so to the booming music he was playing. While this game was going on someone opened the door and my cat almost went out, almost to be completely lost. The bully girls were avoiding me during this game, and I kept doing little things to scare them and bring up what they were bullying me with. I still wanted to prove the teacher wrong, as he was starting to get onto other kids saying that they were distracted by petting the cat, so I showed exactly where people should have their stack meet, which was in mid-california.