Death and into the Afterlife

Date: 5/19/2017

By Anaujiram

I was at a beach in my town. I was up on this big concrete walkway above the sand, with stairs going down to the beach. I had driven here with my family, it was me, my dad, my dad's girlfriend and my cousin. My cousin drove us here and we had hopped out of the car and we were looking down onto the beach. We thought that it was a terrible beach because the waves would come all the way up to the concrete wall, so anyone standing on the beach would get knocked back into the wall and hurt themselves. While we were talking about this, my cousin had driven down the stair and onto the beach. We react with horror and confusion as to why he would do such a thing. A wave comes and washes over the car and it no longer works. My dad rushes down to the car to see if he can fix it and we follow him down. He manages to get it working again and tells my cousin to quickly drive into some nearby caves to be safe from the water. We get to the caves and wait until there is a gap in the waves so we can get past and back up the stairs. In one quick boost we zoom up the stairs and are safe again. We decide to leave and we hit the road. There is a tension in the car about my cousin driving on to the beach. we all thought it was a little crazy. We all think he is a little crazy. But we keep driving along and he keeps swerving onto the wrong side of the road and gets into a lot of near misses where I had to grab the steering wheel and avoid a crash. I tell him that I think I should have a turn driving, but before we can stop, we get to this sharp corner on the side of a cliff. He doesn't seem to see the corner at all and we drive right through the barrier and we are falling off of a cliff. I realize what has happened and I am scared shitless. I think to myself "Its actually happening, we have driven off a cliff. I am going to die in a car accident." We fall for what seems like an eternity, all the while I am trying to accept this reality. I remember thinking about the pain and if it was going to be painful or not. I thought maybe there's a chance I will not die and instead wake up in a hospital. After I realize we have hit the bottom, the dream seems to change in a strange way. I have a sensation similar to going lucid, except I didn't go lucid, I seemed to realize I was dead. I had the ability to fly around and it was pretty cool, but knowing I was dead was a very scary sensation. I can't remember what happened but I remember flying through a lot of strange indescribable scenes. All the while I had to accept the fact that I had died. This happened for awhile and I eventually found myself back in my body, forgetting I was dead, at a Tibetan Buddhist temple. The yogis were leaving, and my aunty was there want was going with them for some reason. She asked me to clean the place while they were gone, and said they would be back soon. I agreed and they left and I started to clean. After awhile of cleaning I found a strange room that seemed to be magic. It was a hallway, with a floor made of large stone bricks. I could talk these bricks were held in place with magic, and underneath was a firey pit into hell. On the other side of the hall was a beautiful gemstone that I knew if I touched, I would have all material wealth in the world. I sensed it was a trick and I knew the bricks would call from under me if I touched it, decending me into hell. I struggled not to touch it but I managed to turn around and walk away. Then halfway through the tunnel, another gemstone appeared before me. This time I knew it would grant me all knowledge in the universe. But I knew it was another trick. This one was a lot harder to resist, but I managed to walk past it. When I got out of the hallway room, the bricks fell and this great demon came of it and began chasing me. I ran for my life and it was in hot pursuit. I found myself at some strange caves where my aunty and the yogis were. I told the yogis what happened and they began to leave the cave to face the demon I can't remember what happened next, but I think I just woke up