Vacation nightmare

Date: 5/1/2019

By RoxyL123

In this dream I was going to a place with a really nice beach I don’t remember where it was I just know I was staying in a hotel by the beach. In my dream I was just arriving at the hotel to get in the hotel you have to use a code I would have trouble with the code a lot. In my dream I was shopping I remember I was trying to do the code but it wasn’t working and I could see my family as I was trying to type in the code eventually I got the code right and ran into the hotel to see my mom. My mom told me to come into the hotel room. Before I did I turned around and I saw someone under a blanket I didn’t think much of it until I realized it was on fire I ran towards them to try and help them. I went under the blanket and saw the person all I knew is that it was a man but I kept thinking it was my dad (at the time my dad was out of town and the only way I could talk to him was through text) the man under the blanket wanted to die and was trying to kill himself nobody else cared that he was on fire. He kept yelling that he was being set free. This dream terrifies me when I tried telling it to my friend I just started crying.