mystery room, school, and bill nye

Date: 7/24/2017

By rise

This was a series of dreams. in the first dream, at my house in Virginia me and some others removed the fences at the house. underneath them was a secret room. it was traditionally japanese styled. the people I remember being there were me, naoto from persona 4, a man with a chainsaw, and a friend. a woman was there, presumably the owner, and she locked us in. at first people did not know what to do, (I assumed we would be fine because naoto could figure out how to exit) but then I instructed the guy with the chainsaw to break down the doors. after that me and the friend hid somewhere and called the police. the next dream took place at a school resembling toano. I was going to a dance with a girl I don't remember. all I know was that she wasn't really that cute. it might have been Charlotte Croucher. walking around the school I talked with Lily. there was a teacher with a really bad class that always yelled. she seemed to be in an open hall. the school was interesting. it was either on the ending days of eighth grade, or some strange mix of eighth and ninth. the last dream took place on Iceland. I dreamed that it was a rocky place, and I was there with Bill Nye, who was being filmed. he opened by saying something like "if you look around, Iceland is covered/surrounded with triangular mountains and rocks. many scientists think they were always this way, but I'm not so sure. I think differing opinions and open end discussion are needed in the scientific field." I looked around and saw a cool run down temple looking place, similar to something you'd see in a picture. I wanted to go there. since it was a dream and I had no idea what we were doing there, I asked bill Nye if "rhetorically, can we go to that temple after this video?" he said yes.