Hospitalized Crime

Date: 3/6/2019


(Okay, a little backround info. A little more than 2 weeks ago I was in a mental hospital for personal reasons. Don't worry, I'm 100% better now.) I was back in a mental hospital (a.k.a. a psychiatric hospital) and I had a roommate. She was easy to get along with, but pretty bad. She found some type of key under her bed, and she unlocked this box in the floor. Inside, There were papers and another key. This key was to escape the place, and the papers were about crimes that happened in that room. The crimes were things ftom stealing, to murder. Apperently we weren't allowed to find that key or the papers, so we hid them under the mattresses. The key was yellow, and you had to pop out two squares for it to work. I popped out the squares, and I waved it in front of the door. The door unlocked. We escaped, but there was a fence that led to a different, white, building. We used the key to get into that building. Around, there were inflatables, darts, prizes, and a bunch of games. We were playing around like little kids, when I saw my mom, my little brother, and one of my best friends (I'll call her M). M was asking where I have been. I told her that I was visiting a relative. Nobody in our families asked how we got out. Then I woke up...