The Torture Room

Date: 3/30/2017

By frankcastle

I am in a parking lot, it is a indoor parking similar to those in movies. Two guys pass by me and one of them consciously bumps my shoulder. I get angry and start following them with no good intentions. They are heading to a door to reach the upper level. When we reach the enclosed stairs I see a broomstick and take it. While they are going up the stairs I position the broom in my hands, like if I had an invisible bow and the stick was the arrow. I aim the broom stick at the guy who bumped my shoulder. Fire! And the stick goes through the guy's right leg. This bizarre situation makes me realize this is a dream. The guy that is next to him comes to fight but I command him to go away. The guy walks away. Then my excitement or realization makes the dream fuzzy and about to end. I stabilize the dream by looking at my hands for a few seconds. When the dream stabilizes I think of what to do next. I think about finding a woman to have sex, but then I remember something I read online and wanted to try in this lucid dream. I start looking at everything in the parking lot, touching the cars and feeling them. Everything feels so vivid and I am amazed at how real the dream looks and feels. I perform another reality check to maintain the level of lucidity. At this point I move on to perform my experiment. Now I shout to the dream, "show me something interesting." After two or three seconds I start floating into the air, maybe a few inches or so above ground. Everything around me starts to change and I feel like I'm being suck into an invisible sphere from another dimension. My surroundings start to blur and to spin slowly. I close my eyes. Only two or three seconds pass and when I open my eyes I am lying on a table. I can't see anything because it's very dark. It seems that I am naked because I can feel the metal or aluminum texture of the table. The table is freezing cold and my back feels uncomfortable from this. After this I notice that my arms and legs are tied down and I can't move. At this point my eyes start to adjust to the dark and some objects become more clear. I figure that I must be in a torture room because there are knifes and tools on another table next to me. From what I can tell the room looks exactly like a forensic scene from a horror movie. Hanging from the ceiling directly on top of me I can see a big wooden shark and more knifes and tools. Now I start to become uncomfortable by the fact that I can't do a reality check. I am still aware that it is a dream, but I am unable to untie myself and my confidence and control over the dream go to zero. Then I hear steps, someone getting closer to the room and I get terrified by this, I think to myself, "fuck this lucid dream," and change my breathing pattern in order to quickly wake up.