Dream 5:02am

Date: 5/25/2017

By Bloody_Slumber

James and me. I paid his parents to come get me on Sunday the 11 in December. Me and James weren't really clicking at first on the car ride to his house, Tommy and cherolt and Bruce were writing on the windows like any kid would do. When we had reached his house I gave mommy a hug, and saw Jacob with some friends, he was in trouble or framed for something by the law. Me and James toke off into the desert near his house. I hopped along leaving my crutches behind. We reached a swamp and he jumped rock to rock showing off, with his beautiful long hair flowing in the wind. Till eventually he fell in. He told me to go around the swamp so I didn't get hurt. I started hoping and eventually fell crawling as if I was a snipper in combat. So I had started to cry a little in some doubt about being there. Because I had a foot appointment the next day But remembered I was with James. I had made it to him and we started talking on what looked like the Virginia Beach VA peir entrance. I thought of taking a bus back at first, then I remembered that I was with my best friend and decided to stay instead. That's when I woke up