Date: 4/29/2017

By SigofHermes

This dream was kind of interesting, and a good look at my self. Putting it into perspective, it shows how desires are still a part of my life. When I get closer to finding what I am looking for in this dream, it shows how I may have gotten better at changing my dream reality and willing things. It also may represent my search for spirituality. I took a nap at around 8 in the morning today, and I really just went to sleep. In the morning I was feeling really comfy from the last dream I had. After the nap I didn't feel so well (maybe through oversleeping). I have a really cool katana like sword and am admiring it and messing around with it. The scenery around me looks like a blurry mixture of school and my bedroom. Something transitions and I am in my room, looking for the sword for some reason. I can't find it, but I progressively get closer to it by finding a fake plastic sword that is very similar (in my head, but they looked different). I end up finding it, along with some other interesting notes, and I am satisfied, but I wonder about another sword I had. Afterwards, I woke up satisfied at the outcome of the dream, yet feeling sick. Afterwards I just laid down and did barely anything. Yuck.