Nightmare | I was dead or on a trial. Another Kiss... 💔 | Premonition...?

Date: 2/19/2017

By richilye

I forgot how it started... I was at a some place that I never saw before, it felt as if I was dead or on a Trial of some sort, also, the places were weird, there was no background, no sky, sometimes it was just blue, not even a sun, when I was inside a room, I looked outside and there was nothing there. Then, I saw her, the girl that appeared in my dreams the entire last year, then a guy appeared and stole her first kiss, I became dead inside, then they looked at me, I woke up at the top of a building, or 2 floors near the top, on a windows with stairs to the top, also, the building was the only thing in there, there was nothing if you looked outside. There was a bed there and I said to her and the guy that I would stay there for a while, I slept on the bed and woke up in a place like a dungeon, both of them were there, this time closer, he sorta looked like her brother from an old dream, but I was not sure. I couldn't forget that kiss... Then, everything went black and I heard her sad voice saying things like: "Why didn't you say anything?; Why did you stay so quiet?; We could have been happy; I was tricked... I liked you..." and some other things that I don't remember. END. Read Thoughts section please.