🧟‍♂️🚢🌊Zombies and Irl Flood in My House

Date: 2/10/2019

By peachkeedi

I was wearing the outfit of the main character of resident evil and I was running around on abandoned city that looked like it was in the Apocalypse. I was trying to outrun zombies so I didn't have to fight them. I ran up and down buildings, climbed ladders, and jumped off roofs. I think I was with a team of people but I don't remember their faces. At one point we decided that we weren't getting out of there unless we swam the ocean to a giant yacht that was waiting for us. We jumped in the ocean at started swimming but quickly realized that the zombies were faster than we were in the water which was a surprise because we thought they couldn't swim. We started to realize that we were going to die because they were just too fast in the water and started bashing their heads in. The water splashed a whole bunch and that I started to wake up. Once I woke up, I heard a running water dripping sound in my kitchen and assumed it was the dishwasher. I tried to go back to sleep to finish my dream and the water got louder. I got up, turned around, and my ceiling is leaking. It got worse and worse until the ceiling literally started falling down. I called our landlord and they came and shut off the water and fix everything but our whole apartment was flooded. Instead of waking up right away I incorporated it into my dream where I went swimming with zombies. Nice.