jumping dimensions

Date: 2/7/2017

By ukukaylay

(sorry for any spelling errors. ive just woken up and have no will to spell check) the dream started in a basement and my step dad was insanely drunk. the people in the consisted of him, my mom, this boy (was probably 17 or 18) and his mom. so it just started off weird, my mom begging my step dad not to do whatever he was going to do. he said he couldn't stop cause someone would get mad. he proceeded to tell everyone, aside from me, to sit doggy style, ass in the air, the wall. everyone started to worry. he began to shove these weird funnel paper thing in everyone's asses (for some reason everyone was naked). once the deed was done mom my asked him what he was going to do for himself. at this point I realized whatever was happening was some weird ritual bullshit. and he just smirked. my dog walks in the room and I instantly flit. I don't remember much after this so I guess the scene "changes." we all are now on the first floor of this house, clothed, rather than in the basement. the boy is yelling at his mom and my parents are basically oblivious to it all. suddenly the boy loses it and starts breaking things and throw himself around. almost imediently after he does something and all of the windows bust, like an insane wave of force busted them into the house. at this point the ritual felt more real and less silly. next I remember I as this weird metal piece in my hand and I was in prison. the dream almost felt like a complete new one at this point until later events. I had to work while in prison. no one I knew was there, and I had to go through my life collecting these papers and folders, and I remember talking to a lot of people to get these folders. this bit of the dream is blurry but I remember sitting at this table with a few friends I had made and realizing how many papers and folders. my friends told me I could "level up" my work but to do so I had to break the dimension. the dimension? this didn't make sense to me at the time either but I took their word for it. I made me way to this area that was 9/10 times forbidden to enter but I had to to increase my work, so I could leave. just before I was done in the space doing whatever someone comes and sees me. it's a burly woman man thing and I instantly just started to pull shit out of my folder and they were doing things. like hurting her. by the time I got further in my folder I found this thing. it was made of metal and about the side of a binder but more like too larger titanium block rods being connected by skinnier rods. I whipped this out and pulled the two pieces apart in the doorway of this section of the prison and this vertex thing appeared in between the metal rods. of course I jumped through next thing I know I was at an apartment. my best friends apartment. I walked up the stairs to her door before knocking and basically letting myself in. I realized when I entered the actual door to her apartment was an elevator. but I ignored all the weird details and began to look for my friend, who I found in the kitchen. I looked at her and basically told her everything I told you but extremely dumbed down, resisting my dream. at this point I had concluded that these rods were something used to jump dimensions. I had jumped from the basement dimension to the first floor dimension, from that point the boy had completed the ritual and I skipped dimensions into the prison, and thus into my friends apartment. she thought this was pretty neat and we ought to try it out, but for some reason when we would open it on a doorway, only an open door would appear and inside the door you would see the boy sitting on the basement floor alone just staring, almost cursing you with his eyes. he was mad. this scared me so I closed the door and we kept trying but alas the same outcome was the result. my friend gave up and left me to my own and I was a bit sad she didn't believe I could just dimensions. once she left I went over to this elevator and get inside ready to leave when I decided, I could try the rods in the elevator. when I did everything exploded in a pink purple glow and became beautiful, no rusting of the elevator, no noises, lots of decoration. it felt warm. once here I began to float slightly as if gravity wasn't against me. looking down I noticed the floor to the elevator was gone aswell. so I began to swim down through the thick atmosphere till I spotted something fishy. a small girl curled into a ball again the pink walls. I poked her and she looked up at me instantly, a huge smile on her face. I recognized her but couldn't tell you now from where (possibly the prison.) she instantly began to thank me furiously and asked how I got between the dimensions (which I have to assume the punk space was) I told her I used the rods and she thought it was amazing. at this po8nt we traveled through dimensions togegher for some time before returning to the elevator once more. I wanted her to come but she had insisted that she stay in between but to come visit soon. I intended on it. I exited the elevator and walked into my friend kitchen and began to hear her mom yelling, along with her mom's boyfriend. I wanted to continue jumping dimensions but didn't want to disturb them so I began to pull the rods on my own in front of there bathroom door that lead into their bedroom. this failed and all I saw was the boy once again smirking at me devilishly. I slammed the open door shut, then deactivating the rods to see my friends mom naked in the door way. I froze and instantly began to apologize and ran out with the rods towards the second bathroom, just needed to get away. the door was locked so I began to bang before busting in. before I could register my friend in the bathroom I heard her say there was a lot more blood. and then I looked up at her. she looked at me, clutch he'd her hands and pulled her over sides shirt down (she had no pants on, just panties and a shirt) It was no secret and I knew what she had done and she knew I knew. she unfroze and dropped a razor onto the counter before pulling her shirt up to expose herself. there was a fresh line of about three cute right under her breasts (her body looked quite small as if she hasn't eaten for weeks, her breasts way smaller aswell). the were in a perfect like almost like this - - -. when looking down her body I realized the same thing was repeated on her waist, around her hips, her thighs, etc. instantly I woke up from panic that my friend had been hurting herself. though this dream was long and felt like multiple dreams, I do believe they were all connected, and I do not really understand any of it.